Student Overview


student etiquette

Behavior at Home: All students must maintain a healthy relationship with their family. It is your responsibility to be honest, loving, and respectful at all times toward your family.

Behavior in School: All students must maintain a good attitude and behavior while in school. Types of unacceptable behavior include - consistently being disciplined, fighting with others, and being disrespectful to a teacher or fellow student.

Grade Requirements: It is very important that you strive to learn as much as possible while in school. Your Tang Soo Do spirit should be shown at school as well as the Karate School.

Note: Any Infractions of the above code of conducts will result in a conference with the student, parent, and Instructor. If there is a continuing problem, the student will lose his/her belt until further notice. 

Dojang etiquette

  • Courtesy and respect shall be extended at all times toward the head Instructor, senior ranks, and fellow classmates.
  • Salute and bow towards the flags when entering the Dojang.
  • Reply with “Yes sir/ma’am or No sir/ma’am” when asked a question  by the Head Instructor, senior ranks, fellow classmates and all  adults.
  • Stand at attention when speaking with an Instructor, all black belts,  and senior ranks.
  • No talking during class. Raise your hand if you have a question.
  • Each student must give 100% effort during each class, bad attitudes  or profanity will not be tolerated in the Dojang.
  • Complete uniform must be kept clean and worn to each class.
  • Do not wear jewelry during class.
  • No shoes, food, drinks or gum allowed in the Dojang.
  • Parents should report any injuries to an instructor or staff before the  beginning of a class.

tying the belt

The belt (dee) is tied in a square knot. For those not acquainted with this procedure, the pictures below will clarify. To show balance, the ends of the dee should be even upon completing the tying process

tying belt.gif