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Meet kyo sa nim Moe Mouallem 

Kyo Sa Nim Moe Mouallem is the founder and Chief Instructor at Momentum Karate. He is a Certified Instructor and Second Degree Black Belt in The International Tang Soo Do Federation under Grandmaster C.S. Kim. Kyo Sa Nim Mouallem has had a life long passion of martial arts and was guided by his instructors Kyo Sa Nims William & Yennie Ince of Ince Karate in The Woodlands.

He dreamed from a young age of opening his own martial arts school, he is now so blessed to be able to spread the Tang Soo Do Spirt to others full time. 

Kyo Sa Nim Mouallem's sidekick and wife, Jessica, helps run the business and has her State Day Care Directors Certification.